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Rochade à la Turca – Mach’ es noch einmal, Sam!

Presseerklärung der Internationalen Initiative "Freiheit für Abdullah Öcalan - Frieden in Kurdistan" anlässlich des 14. Jahrestags der Verschleppung Abdullah Öcalans, 15. Feburar 2013 14 Jahre nach der Verschleppung Abdullah Öcalans im Rahmen einer internationalen Geheimdienstoperation ist die kurdische Frage in der Türkei aktueller denn je. Daran konnte auch diese völkerrechtswidrige Aktion nichts ändern. ...

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Plaid Cymru annual conference calls for release of Abdullah Ocalan

The Plaid Cymru annual conference, meeting on the weekend of 14th-15th September, has passed an emergency motion calling for the immediate release of Abdullah Ocalan, an end to Turkish military operations and the resumption of peace talks between Turkey and the Kurds. This is the first time that a leading British political party has formally adopted such a clear motion demanding for the release of Abdullah ...

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KHRAG South Africa’s letter of support for the Launch of the international campaign

Press statement from KHRAG For the Launch of the international campaign: “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan” 6th September 2012 Date: 05/09/2012 Since 1997 the South African Kurdish Human Rights Action Group (KHRAG) has been engaged in seeking peace, human rights and democracy for the Kurdish people in Turkey. The similarities between the struggle of Abdullah Ocalan and Nelson Mandela are striking. The struggles ...

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The international campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan” has been launched

The international campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan” has been launched today in Brussels. Attending the press conference were BDP deputy Ayla Akat, German deputy Andrej Hunko, Joe Ryan, Chair of Westminster Justice and Peace, Reimar Heider, International Initiative "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan– Peace in Kurdistan". The petition launched today has already been signed by many notable people worldwide, amo ...

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Click here for Online signature Petition

We support the demand “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and the political prisoners in Turkey”. Öcalan’s freedom will mark a breakthrough for the democratization of Turkey and peace in Kurdistan. To sign the petition of the release of Öcalan click [button color="green" link="" size="big" target="_self" font="helvetica" textcolor="ffffff" align="left"] Sign the petition [/butt ...

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