Nelson Mandela: A Freedom struggle that changed the perception of the whole world

To the Family of Nelson Mandela, the South African Nation, ANC and SACP As we mourn the loss of one of the great leaders of humanity we can see that even in his passing away Mandela yet again reminds us of how a persistent struggle for freedom can change the perception of the whole world. The grave oppression and brutal exploitation of peoples which was supported by political and theoretical division along ...

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Looking for translations: “Free Öcalan!”

Please help us translate "Free Öcalan!" or "Freedom for Öcalan" into as many languages as possible. Please tell us also if you find mistakes! AR - Arabic: الحرية لاوجلان ARC - Syriac: ܚܐܪܩܬܐ ܩܐ ܐܘܟܠܢ BR - Breton: Frankiz evit Ocalan CA - Catalan: Llibertat per a Ocalan CAU - Laz: Ocalani oxuşk'vit CKB - Kurdish: ئازادی بۆ ئۆجەلان (Soranî) DE - Deutsch: Freiheit für Öcalan EL - Greek: Λευτεριά στον Οτσαλάν E ...

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Council of Europe Side Event on Öcalan

On Tuesday 25 June 2013 the Parliamentary Assembly of Coucil of Europe (PACE) will host a side event under the title "The negotiations between the Turkish government and Abdullah Öcalan on the solution of the Kurdish question in Turkey". The event is sponsored by the Unified European Left Group. ...

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Öcalan’s historical Newroz 2013 Statement

I SALUTE THE FREEDOM NEWROZ OF THE OPPRESSED I salute the people of the Middle East and Central Asia celebrating this awakening, revival and resurgence day of Newroz with extraordinary participation and unity... I salute all the peoples celebrating Newroz, which is the daylight and turning point of a new era, with great enthusiasm and democratic tolerance... I salute all the travellers on this grand path to ...

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Somersault alaturca – Play it again, Sam!

Press statement on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of Öcalan's abduction, 15 February 2013 14 years after the abduction of Abdullah Öcalan in an international operation by intelligence services, the Kurdish question in Turkey is more current than ever. Not even this act, undertaken in violation of international law, was able to change this. At one time declared “Public enemy no 1″, today leading Turkis ...

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