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Öcalans’s Newroz 2014 message: Time for Negotiations

Greetings to all those whose hearts are ablaze with the fire of Newroz for peace and freedom!

I greet our people who have turned the magnificent Newroz fire into a celebration of revival and democracy in Mesopotamia – the cradle of civilisations.

Via all of you I send my love to all the youth and women of my country. I call on all those who have opened room for peace in their heart and hear our voice as well as all of Turkey to unite with the centuries old spirit of solidarity.

I also celebrate the festivities of sister peoples of the Middle East and Asia who were the cradle of the world civilisation history.

I send you all my heartful greetings. Greetings to all!

We extinguished the war fire that turns young saplings, beloved persons, loves and labour into ashes and ignited the grand revival torch for peace on a day like this, last Newroz.

The beloved people of Turkey!

History has shown us that if a decisive leadership for peace is not displayed then historical problems shall follow its own course and shall generally generate, through transformations with huge losses, their own responses. The question before us that scorchingly awaits an answer is whether we shall continue to make headway through recurring coups or through a complete and radical democracy.

The current concrete situation we have experienced since last Newroz represents exactly this crossroad. The 200 year old conspiratorial-putschist regime based on capitalist modernity shall either restore itself and sustain power or the Turkish-Kurdish relations reseated on its historical course shall go through the most comprehensive reforms with a regime based on democratic constitution that shall dismantle the conspiratorial-putschist mechanisms. All other short term gateways and temporary forms have now petered out.

To date it was a dialogue process that was conducted and it was of importance. Both sides tested the good will, realism and proficiency of one another during this time. Both sides have come out of this test, the quest for peace, with determination despite the government’s reluctance, one-sided implementations, avoidance of creating a legal basis and stance of prolonging things. However although dialogue processes are important they are not binding. Therefore they do not constitute an adequate guarantee for a lasting peace. A legal framework for the systematics of negotiations is now unavoidable.

Peace is more difficult than war but each warfare certainly has its own peace. We were not scared as we resisted; we will also not be scared when we make peace.

Our resistance was not against the sister peoples but against the tyrannical order with hegemonic character that disregards, destroys and denies. Therefore our peace is not for governments or states but for the peoples of Anatolia, Kurdistan and Mesopotamia who have absorbed the thousands of years old ancient values of these lands and are the unique preparators of the world’s cultural heritage. The government and state are obliged to develop a sobriety which is in line with this reality.

Our grand peace journey has come under many attacks such as the one faced in Oslo, Paris, Gever, Lice as well as the KCK operations and the cruel attitude towards the ill prisoners. It is this movement; it is indeed you who shall spoil all such dirty games, weaken and thwart the domination of the international GLADIO. The struggle we have waged played a huge part in rendering all orders of tutelage in the whole region ineffective. It is our historical responsibility to display sufficient care against international plots appearing before us in various forms.

On the other hand a responsible manner of address and speech shall not only render many racist psychological warfare methods invalid, it shall also be the fundamental character of our grand peace.

Such a peace shall only be strengthened by solutions through democratic constitutions throughout the region and above all in Rojava.

Women shall become the true guarantors of this peace not only because of their accumulated great potential for freedom and equality but because of the new ethical and aesthetic values they have added to the democratic social development.
Our movement began as a youth movement and has always stayed young. The youth shall yet be the unflinching defenders of this peace in the face of all attacks and provocations against it.

Our people dispersed all around the world, and especially those in Europe, shall become our voice that speaks out for peace and an honourable free life.

All our comrades who without any hesitation gave their lives, health and freedom wherever hope was fading shall be our fundamental pillars.

Peoples of Turkey, with our thousand year old tradition of amity, shall give the most effective response to the racist, discriminatory, arrogant and hate speeches.

I salute you all with my belief for a free and fully democratic country where all beliefs, peoples, cultures and labour shall feel free and with revolutionary feelings.

I call on all those who feel a sense of responsibility towards this era and humanity to become the building blocks of this grand peace of ours.

Salute to all those who take on responsibility for amity between peoples!

Long Live Newroz!

Long Live Amity Between Peoples!

Translation: International Initiative

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