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Press statement: Concerns about Abdullah Öcalan’s life: What is happening in Imrali Island Prison?

While Öcalan’s and Imrali Island’s total isolation continues since April 2015, now two inmates have been removed from the island and isolated elsewhere. This gives rise to the question: What is happening in Imrali? Is Öcalan’s life in danger? The Imrali island prison is the Guantanamo of Europe. Over the 17 years of Öcalan's imprisonment it has had an arbitrary and continuous aggravated isolation regime in ...

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Öcalans’s Newroz 2014 message: Time for Negotiations

Greetings to all those whose hearts are ablaze with the fire of Newroz for peace and freedom! I greet our people who have turned the magnificent Newroz fire into a celebration of revival and democracy in Mesopotamia – the cradle of civilisations. Via all of you I send my love to all the youth and women of my country. I call on all those who have opened room for peace in their heart and hear our voice as wel ...

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Ocalan’s tribute to Nelson Mandela: “A shining star that enlightened the peoples of Africa”

The tears that are being shed worldwide for Nelson Mandela today, the stories that are being shared about him and the wisdom that he bequeathed to all other freedom movements shows us what an outstanding individual he was. The history of the peoples of the world is mostly shaped through the callous insolence of those trying to hold the masses in their grip. This insolence at times appears because the whole ...

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Looking for translations: “Free Öcalan!”

Please help us translate "Free Öcalan!" or "Freedom for Öcalan" into as many languages as possible. Please tell us also if you find mistakes! AR - Arabic: الحرية لاوجلان ARC - Syriac: ܚܐܪܩܬܐ ܩܐ ܐܘܟܠܢ BR - Breton: Frankiz evit Ocalan CA - Catalan: Llibertat per a Ocalan CAU - Laz: Ocalani oxuşk'vit CKB - Kurdish: ئازادی بۆ ئۆجەلان (Soranî) DE - Deutsch: Freiheit für Öcalan EL - Greek: Λευτεριά στον Οτσαλάν E ...

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Council of Europe Side Event on Öcalan

On Tuesday 25 June 2013 the Parliamentary Assembly of Coucil of Europe (PACE) will host a side event under the title "The negotiations between the Turkish government and Abdullah Öcalan on the solution of the Kurdish question in Turkey". The event is sponsored by the Unified European Left Group. ...

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